ZoomCar case study-self drive for the self driven

ZoomCar case study


zoomcar is an online car rental company which was founded in India, Banglore in 2013. this company was found by two American named DAVID BACK and GREG MORGAN.they met while studying at the University of Pennsylvania, they both were pursuing their graduation. they both went to different business school David back at the judge business school at Cambridge University and Greg at the university of southern California. after doing there postgraduation they both thought that we will work on online rentals.
 they needed a license and could not get one on their own because in India according to contract carriage permit, you need to have a yellow board license just like taxi.and to do so they have to own a fleet or tie-up with someone who owns's a fleet.

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Ramesh tours&travels


now the number plates on this car is just like any other number plates but these one are put in a special category VIP COMMERCIAL NUMBER,that means you can drive these cars with the normal driving license you do not require to have a commercial license to drive these cars.this was the biggest reason for them to tie up with Ramesh tours and travel.
currently, they have 48,00,000+ happy customers 3000+ rides daily 36,00,00,000 traveled till date(enough for 470 round trips to the moon) zoom car owns 6,500+ cars and also have gotten 4.7/5 ratings.


they also give you free KMS for the first booking you can choose which one you want.

basically, they have bought the cars and are giving to you on rent, but they also have a scheme which is known as zap subscriber.
now this is the best thing for the company and as well as for you guys. nowadays if you plan to buy a car it is not that easy so what the zap subscribe is, they offer an option to drive your favorite car for a tenure of 6,12,24 or 36 months at a monthly subscription charge with zero insurance cost, zero service cost, zero maintenance cost, and 24x7 roadside assistance.
by seeing the below picture you can see how this works.

they have also listed top-selling cars.

and also how much will you save.

you guys can also list your cars on their website as a marketplace to start an earning.
zoom car has gone through 11 funding rounds and has raise 115.2 million U.S dollars.
recently on july10 2019, they raise 11.4 million dollars.

want to start renting click here

they have also mentioned the advantage of booking cars from them as shown in the picture below.

1]you get free KMS daily.

2]you can go anywhere only thing you have to give is toll and charges to enter a city.

3]24x7 roadside assistance.

4]damage insurance.
and a few more.

now if you are under 20 you cannot ride their cars because they have observed that many of the under 20 kids were not able to drive the car carefully there have been many accidents so what they did is they strictly refuse to give the cars to the under 20 kids.

they also have a section of offers where you can get offers on various platform. its a good way of keeping your customers loyal.and by riding their cars you can also get z points now z points are those points which you get by riding each 10K M and you get 2 z points and if you ride any premium car then you will get 6 z points.

Zoomcar Zpoints
Z points
you can easily book you car from their application on android and app store just download register and book your car.if you have any problem their help support is always there and after seeing many public reviews of their help center it seems that many of the people are happy with the customer service which they are providing.zoomcar has presence in all of these cities

Self-drive cars in Bangalore
Self-drive cars in Pune
Self-drive cars in Delhi
Self-drive cars in Mumbai
Self-drive cars in Chennai
Self-drive cars in Hyderabad
Self-drive cars in Chandigarh
Self-drive cars in Kolkata
Self-drive cars in Ahmedabad
Self-drive cars in Coimbatore
Self-drive cars in Indore
Self-drive cars in Jaipur
Self-drive cars in Ludhiana
Self-drive cars in Mangalore-Manipal
Self-drive cars in Mysore
Self-drive cars in Vizag
Self-drive cars in Nagpur
Self-drive cars in Kochi
Self-drive cars in Udaipur
Self-drive cars in Vijayawada
Self-drive cars in Surat
Self-drive cars in Siliguri
Self-drive cars in Lucknow
Self-drive cars in Guwahati
Self-drive cars in Bhubaneswar
Self-drive cars in Hassan
Self-drive cars in Vadodara
Self-drive cars in Trivandrum
airport service

Car rental from Bangalore Airport
Car rental from Pune Airport
Car rental from Delhi Airport
Car rental from Mumbai Airport
Car rental from Chennai Airport
Car rental from Hyderabad Airport
Car rental from Chandigarh Airport
Car rental from Kolkata Airport
Car rental from Ahmedabad Airport
Car rental from Coimbatore Airport
Car rental from Indore Airport
Car rental from Jaipur Airport
Car rental from Vizag Airport
Car rental from Udaipur Airport
Car rental from Surat Airport
Car rental from Lucknow Airport
Car rental from Guwahati Airport


the first thing is simple that they give cars on rents, you book the car make payment and get the car for rent.the another one is zap subscriber if you are a person who loves cars and want to change to every latest car well you can do it from here, for example, you drive a car for 6 months and after that, you plan to upgrade or to chose another car you can use zap subscriber.

 now why this is better lets say if you buy a brand new car and you want to sell it after 6 months the price will drop but here there is no such issue and you can also list that car on their website, if you ride the car only for 20 days and the remaining 10 you put the car on their website so by doing that you can earn also. the consumer is also happy with their service so that's how the things work that's how zoom car works.


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