Honda CB300R 2019

Honda CB300R

so the Honda CB300R is launch in India and I have to say something about the bike so this is going to be a review and also my personal opinion about will the bike be a success in Indian market when there are bike like duke 390,tvs apache rr310, duke 250 and also ninja 300 and Yamaha R3, etc.
Honda CB300R
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so let's talk about the bike first. the Honda CB300R is motorcycle from Honda and Honda has made a comeback with this bike.everyone was thinking that Honda was busy making Activa's and this bike is a naked sports bike which is of 300cc and which produce a power of 31BHP and 27.5NM of the power figures are very good and the also do perform very decent. the top speed claim for this bike is 144KMPH and company always tell you the top speed which is easy to achieve,so you can for sure achieve a more top speed I think you can achieve a top speed of this is all about the technical aspect of the bike now let's talk about the practical aspect of the bike so this bike have a weight of 143 kg which is lightweight and for moving this bike in traffic will be very personally I think all Honda bike lacks in low-end torque and I felt the same for this bike, in heavy traffic you have to change the gear very frequently.
Honda CB300R
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now let's talk about the competition of the bike the main competition of the bikes is duke 390 and I do consider duke 250 in compair of honda cb300R. the rivals of this bike have better performance better brand name in India trust me if you talk powerfull bike people will tell you to go for ktm brands and will only recommend you Honda for scooters that's how Honda has itself make their name in the Indian market. when people want a powerful bike no ones even consider to buy a Honda bike.everyone is looking for ktm duke 250 and hell their even looking for a 150cc bike like Yamaha r15v3 or any other bike in India.
Honda CB300R
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so the respect of the bike and the company has fallen down. i am not saying that the bike is not good I am saying that the bike is not that popular it's like the the bike is good but if you are buying a Honda bike then this bike is really reliable and also the service cost of this bike is really high. the spare part is gonna burn hole in your pocket so if you wanna buy this bike then you should be seeing all this aspect of the bike.
Honda CB300R
now let's talk about the mileage the, mileage of this bike will be around 25kmpl, I am not talking about the company claim mileage I am talking about the real world if you are in heavy traffic then it can also go less then 25kmpl, let's say 20-22kmpl.this is what I think about this bike.i would say that Honda has launched this bike a tool little below you can see the pros of the bike and the cons of the bike.

PRO'S                                                                                                                                            CON'S 
 Good design                                                                                                       More powerful option
 Good reliability                                                                                                      No value for money  
 premium feel                                                                                                         less fuel tank capacity
 Good road presence                                                                                 

SO THESE WERE THE PRO'S AND CON'S OF THESE bikes                                 

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